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When thinking in a more professional way to display your company identity, Acrylic signs are one of the unique products which any corporate business needs to do it. They can be screw to walls, post mounted or hung in a light box, look great indoors or outdoors outside offices as reception signs, menu boards, shop front signs, doors and more.
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Customize your signage and let us mounted them on an aluminum sheet, it retains its superior flatness and will not bow. The image, the adhesive and the mount are carefully treated to assure a perfect seal with no air bubbles. There is no risk of heat damage because no heat is applied.
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Aluminum sheets is a very popular material for the advertising field due to its flexibility, wide range of options and cost effectiveness. It is weather and corrosion resistant. Using this aluminum sheets on your signs will give to your company a durability option of branding graphics.
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Plywood Board is a sign substrate that can be used in all applications. Is incredibly durable making it ideal for long term company signs and displays. Plywood is made by cutting thin layers of a tree all the way around its circumference . These board are then laminated together using a hot press.
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