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Calendar vinyl refers to the manufacturing process of the film. Calendar films have been associated with the intermediate or short term uses, however improvements in the calendaring process have given a higher performance to the calendar film that can satisfy the needs of many uses.
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Casting vinyl is the result of a manufacturing process that allows the film to be very thin, which helps with the conformability of the product. It offers very good dimensional stability and is recommended to use on substrates such as fleets, vehicles or boats where the customer wants a graphic that will last a long time.
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Lamination is the marketing tool big business uses that can be equally successful and economical for small business. Laminated items are durable and also portable, making them perfect for adding visual impact for trade shows booths and displays.
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If the grade of film that you need does not apply to casting or calendar, we have 4 different options which will satisfy your needs as adding depth and eye-catching effects, to make ordinary graphics extraordinary. Can be use indoor and outdoor over flat substrates.
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