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Bookmarks have been used as corporate giveaways and souvenirs for some time now. By having your brand printed on either front or both sides, bookmarks can capture the attention of readers. They have become advertising tools that can promote your business and services.
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Bookmarks are useful marketing tools that make easy to get back to your favorite places. Like business cards, you should always have some nearby to pass out to friends, family, and associates. Nothing works better as a premium than something the recipient will use.
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Bookmark is a great option for business owners whom are constantly looking for powerful but low cost marketing materials. It is a marketing tool that will help companies gain new customers while keeping their current customers interested in their business. Bookmarks serve as a constant reminder to your clients about your products or services.
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Bookmarks are indeed useful and valuable marketing tools even in today high tech and high-speed business world. The next time you create your marketing program don't forget to include them so you can have a subtle yet powerful marketing tool that will provide you great benefits in your business.
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Bookmarks are a proof to the rule of not looking far and hard when you want to achieve good marketing at low cost. You can easily afford them to promote your business. The good thing about bookmarks is that they can have more than one purpose. Bookmarks may contain calendars, coupons, discounts, and yes, even quotations. Bookmarks can't be disposed of that easily, making them an ideal advertising material.
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